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Private / PRSI / Medical Card

At Tullow Dental Care we provide treatment for private patients aswell as approved treatment under the Medical Card and PRSI Schemes.



At the moment (March 2017) an annual dental check up in provided under this scheme for eligible patients.

Please provide us with your PPS number when making your appointment so that we can check your eligibility status for you.

Medical Card

Under the medical card scheme patients with a valid FULL medical card (GP visit cards will not cover dental) are entitled to:

  1. an annual dental check up
  2. 2 emergency fillings per year
  3. extractions
  4. Other treatment is available but requires prior approval from the HSE before treatment is commenced. This can be applied for on your behalf by our dentists at a dental check up appointment.

Private Fees

Dental Exam €40.00

X-ray €20.00

Prescription €30.00

Scale & Polish €50.00

Filling €80.00

Extraction €90.00

Quick Straight Teeth €2200.00 (Single Arch)

Quick Straight Teeth €2500.00 (Double Arch)

Bonded Retainer €100.00

Essex Retainer €100.00

Crown €800.00

Veneer €500.00

Root Canal Treatment €350.00- €500.00 (Depending on Tooth)

Take Home Whitening Kit €250.00

Whitening Gel €30.00

Sports Guard €50.00

Night Guard €80.00


Under 16 Fees

Exam €20.00

Scale & Polish €30.00

Filling €50.00

Extraction €50.00

Fissure Seal €25.00